Back to School 2020

Whenever I began sketching a couple of these designs I could not have dreamed of what was upon our world would change overnight.

 I initially knew that I wanted a little red schoolhouse dress, for was a longing for the simple life...the way things "used" to be.  I wasn't aware that pretty soon, we would ALL be longing for the way things "used" to be just days before.  Overnight, moms (and dads and guardians, etc.) would become "teachers" and our beloved teachers were still that - teachers.  But they also became counselors, friends....not only were they having to adjust their own minds and plans to leading their classes virtually but also counseling parents (I am definitely speaking for myself here!) - assuring us COUNTLESS times that "we've got this"!  Who knew that I would learn just as much from my girls JK and 2nd Grade teachers as THEY would...except, the lessons I learned were deeper - even though we were all apart it seemed as if we grew closer and closer.  We all learned that we don't need a physical "classroom".  Even more respect and admiration for these amazing men and women teaching and leading our children into this enormous, changing world has been more apparent than ever.  We drop off our children each day with the confidence that their teachers are guiding them academically....but sometimes I think we take for granted that it's SO. MUCH. MORE.  The emotional connection my girls had with their teachers was evident from Day 1 of distance learning, and I could see that this "new normal" was not only disappointing to our children but also to their teachers...and I could totally see the hurt all the way around.  How quickly we forget that sometimes our own children share more with their teachers than they share with us.  There's a level of trust there - comfort.  And I can truly say that by the end of the school year, I was also longing for that comfort and assurance from those very same teachers in whom my own children had placed immense trust.  

  I cannot say that I wish for another round of distance learning (there is a reason God gave me the ability to sketch a schoolhouse rather than teach inside of one), but I CAN say that ALL of these back-to-school pieces mean so much more than they ever have.  So much love was poured into these for many many months - and to me, these pieces are more than simply a "back to school" dress.  It's a symbol of a fun, new year for ALL of us!  

These are perfect for the first day, picture day, the last day of school, or any day!  

Lizzie created this "Back To School 2020" Tab because while there are some adorable choices this year, there are also some very important details included in every single listing - I encourage you to PLEASE read each listing carefully and include ALL info that is required.  Since there are many choices then we will have to adhere to some pretty tight schedules...right now, I know that none of us quite know exactly when school will start - we truly are in this together and taking things day-by-day and awaiting more info.  All shipping times will be noted at the very end of each listing, but keep in mind that most will be promised from the beginning of August through mid-August.  After the initial orders are placed and reach their max then I will close them and re-open for orders that we can ship beyond mid-August.  

As a reminder from each listing:  If personalization is chosen then we ask that you do leave all suggested info in the notes to seller section as you check out.  If you choose for Flex Pay then please email us at immediately upon placing your order because notes do not get transferred once you choose the partial pay option.  If we do not receive any communication from you within 48 hours then we reserve the right to proceed with your order as is.  All sales are final on each of these pieces.  

I truly appreciate each and every one of you that have supported Frances Rose for not only the past seven years but especially over the last several months...your business and love have been felt far beyond the four walls of my home and beyond the borders of our own country.  You've ensured that the livelihood of each of the men and women creating these pieces with their own two hands have continued to provide for their families throughout this most challenging time.  I speak on behalf of all of them and say a tremendous "THANK YOU" - if only you knew what a difference you've made.