Signature Collection

Our Signature Collection is and always will be our very finest collection. Our seamstresses spend hours making each one of these bespoke pieces, including heirlooms, smocked and hand embroidered garments. She uses only the finest materials such as swiss bastiste, french lace, entredeux and hand embroidered insertions. Due to the time it takes to make each piece, every release in our  Signature Collection has very limited quantities, also making them very revered.
We feel very blessed that one our Signature Collection seamstresses now has a dedicated Frances Rose workroom and is working full time for us. She does our custom orders and each month she works on our upcoming Signature Collection releases. Watch our Instagram and Facebook feeds to see when our next release will be! These Signature Collection pieces are true pieces of art and are sure to be passed on to your grandchildren and loved forever.
These beautiful creations are always described as such---custom, gorgeous pieces!!  We only use the highest quality fabrics and materials---and each piece is either designed by myself, one of our seamstresses or as a collaboration of ideas and requests from our customers. The majority of hand-smocks are carefully designed here by us---we spend countless hours working with fabrics and trims to create pieces that we hope will be passed down to the next generation!! 
 XOXO, Allison