Mary Margaret by Frances Rose

We are so pleased to introduce our "Mary Margaret by Frances Rose Collection". While we have been hard at work making changes to multiple facets of this business, both internally and aesthetically, we took ideas from you, our fabulous customers, and we've simplified things to make the shopping experience easier and more exciting!
You've seen our Frances Rose Signature Collection which included our custom-made heirlooms, hand-smocked pieces, etc. In addition to offering these pieces you've grown to love, we decided that we would offer a collection that provided larger quantities, amazing prices, and a larger variety of sizes for all ages.
This Mary Margaret Collection by Frances Rose has carefully designed by Allison and her team and we will continue to expand this division and learn what you love the most. The Mary Margaret Collection by Frances Rose label is lovingly made by a team of seamstresses in Asia and we are thrilled to introduce hand smocked pieces by working with darling mothers in El Salvador. We have considered this part of an infinitive to help mothers and seamstresses in small communities in order to assist them in giving back and helping others around them.
Some items of this collection will be listed as a pre-order and the approximate ship date will be listed on the post. We are confident that you will not only love the design but also the price and turnaround times. We've worked hard to ensure that you receive timeless, quality garments in a reasonable amount of time without waiting until the next season to get something your child has outgrown!
We hope that you adore our new addition here as simply another way to own and love a piece of Frances Rose.