Soft Green Dotted Swiss Voile Heirloom Dress

  • $420.00

This fabric is so magnificent that it’s hard to describe how much you’re going to love this heirloom!  
We had just enough to make a few of these, and I will list sizes below ~ each of these are slightly different yoke-style dresses all with approximately 15-18 yards of French and Maline lace insertion and edging in light ecru as well as three types of entredeux/beading accompanied by ecru silk satin ribbon. Mother-of-Pearl buttons adorn the back.
This fabric is unreal - a Swiss voile with tiny embroidered satin stitch in a soft green - perfect for Christmas or any time of year!
A slip is included and also trimmed in French lace and mother of pearl buttons. 
A photo of each dress is included below - I have included an up-close photo of the yoke of each size, so that will be the dress you receive.  I only have one of each of the following sizes:
2T ~ 23”
3T ~ 24”
4T ~ 25”
These do run very generous - our yoke dresses typically last at least 3-4 years!  
These will ship this week