Light Yellow Skinny Dip Pique Hand Embroidered Pleat Dress

  • $175.00

I've always loved Skinny Sip Pique from Spechler Vogel, and I LOVE this pale yellow for spring and summer!!  We used the same pattern here that we used on our red tiny dot pique reverse Claire apron dress, but this time we've added a white pima batiste collar and trimmed it in a white swiss cotton edging.  The same pima batiste is also found on the cuff of the puff sleeves.  
Angela then hand embroidered bright pink, yellow and blue daisies and green leaves on each side of the collar for just a pop of color.
Three flower shaped mother of pearl buttons have been sewn on to the front just below the neckline, and mother of pearl buttons are also all the way down the back.
We adore the pleats in the front and in the back - actually, we adore EVERYTRHING about this dress!!
You can find measurements on the home page by clicking the tab "Sizing Chart ~ Heirlooms" and you will follow the "regular" lengths.  
These ship in mid-March