❤️💛💙Wizard of Oz Paperdoll Dress❤️💛💙

  • $130.00

We have been waiting on this day for a long time!!  We are so thrilled to introduce our beloved Wizard of Oz Paperdoll Dress! This one-of-a-kind piece was inspired by a precious little girl from Memphis named Ann Carter Lyon who happened to be only six years old at the time that she created the paperdolls. As Allison scrolled quickly through Instagram one afternoon she saw a photo that stopped her in her tracks - a darling set of paper dolls of some of her favorite Wizard of Oz characters - she was even more amazed once she realized that the little girl that created them was so young - they were adorable!  With the blessing of Ann Carter’s mother, Sally, we knew that we wanted our next paperdoll dress to come as close to her creation as possible. And Lucia and her team at Manolita’s nailed it!!  
This light blue pleat dress is the perfect backdrop for your favorite characters from the classic film - each of them sewn by hand and adorned with the most amazing details...bullion bows in Dorothy’s hair made of yarn to bows made from twine - each character cut out with edges slightly imperfect - with that word meaning everything BUT what it is. It’s perfect in every way. We wanted to keep the youth and innocence of the original creation. We wanted these to appear as if Ann Carter cut them out herself!  And we truly feel that’s what makes this dress so special. ❤️💛💙
Sizes and measurements:
12 Months - 17”
18 Months - 19”
2T - 20”
3T - 21”
4T - 23”
5 - 24”
6 - 25”
7 - 25.5”
8 - 26”
10 - 28”
12 - 30”
This will ship in approximately 10-12 weeks. Due to the time involved with cutting these and applying them each by hand, the lead time is slightly longer than some of our handmade pieces. 
We encourage you to check out the handmade Manolita’s Doll named “Dorotea” that is listed separately - your girls will adore having a matching doll!  
Flex pay is available and shipping is always free!